Does c-section delivery reduce the risk of incontinence?

Pregnancy, regardless of the method of delivery, can cause a huge strain on the pelvic floor muscle that can lead to incontinence later in life. Many studies have shown that the risks of developing urinary incontinence from natural and c-section delivery to be the same. C-section delivery offers no more protection against incontinence than vaginal birth.

It is important to understand that the stress on the pelvic floor comes from the 9-month pregnancy. During pregnancy, on top of supporting the pelvic organs and back, the pelvic floor absorbs and supports the weight of the growing baby. By the end of the 9 months, the pelvic floor is strained like a rubber band that has been stretched for 9 consecutive months. This stress on the pelvic floor is the reason women experience a loss of bladder control and a drop in the quality of their sexual experience.

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