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Become a
Men's Health

Become a
Men's Health Physiotherapist

Make a profound impact to underserved patients and unlock an exciting career pathway for yourself

Would you like to become a pioneer in the field of Men’s Health AND enjoy the rewards of amazing career growth, skillset specialisation, and pathway to branch ownership? If so, this is the right place for you!

Treat male pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, incontinence and other conditions that are often overlooked and underserved patient population.

Whether you’re starting out in your career or an experienced male physiotherapist, make an impact by elevating the standards of men’s health physiotherapy. Apply today.

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About the Role

Men's Health Physiotherapist

men pelvic physiotherapy

Do I need related experience?

With or without experience in men’s health physiotherapy, we have a career pathway and framework to help you transition into the role and perform well. 

What are my tasks?

Assess and treat men’s health issues like
  • post-prostatectomy rehab and incontinence, 
  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome,
  • sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, and
  • misclleaneous muscle degeneration or injury. 
Continuously improve the treatment protocol with new knowledge and innovations in the field. Maintain accurate patient records and document treatment progress, Ensure optimal rehabilitation and treatment outcome.

Why Join Us?

men pelvic anatomy

Best Place to Learn

Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre is the first and only fully focused pelvic health centre in Malaysia. We are the centre of excellence having treated over thousands of pelvic health cases, including men’s pelvic rehab.

This focus enables us to assemble a comprehensive range of skills, equipment and knowledge to deliver exceptional outcomes to our clients. As a result, clients achieve rapid and significant results.  

Deliver Meaningful Patient Outcome

By using state of the art protocol and specialised pelvic rehabilitation technology, you can help the underserved men’s health patients and clients to achieve amazing results and recovery, restoring their quality of life and a smile on their faces. 

men's health physiotherapy

Specialisation Sets You Apart

By practicing in a specialized centre like Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre, you will be able to deeply hone your skills in pelvic health physiotherapy.

By specialising in Men’s Health physiotherapy, you can unlock more career progression options within the organisation as you grow your skillsets and technical hands-on.  

Attractive Remuneration

At Vibrance, we believe success is meant to be shared. 

Our physiotherapists enjoy one of the most generous remuneration and income in the country, and continuous growth in their career trajectory within our proven framework. 

Apply now to find out more.

Our Work Environment & Approach


We uphold high standards at work and behave professionally by being upfront, transparent, honest, and respectful.


We work in alignment towards a unified common goal/objective and bring out the best in each other. We do not tolerate office politics and unhealthy internal interactions.


We communicate with clarity and constructiveness with the aim of achieving win-win outcome for all involved. We do not make assumptions, instead we clarify.

Growth, Exposure & Fun Experiences

About Us

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Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre is a physiotherapy practice focusing on pelvic health physiotherapy. 

Since 2017, our special focus has enabled us to deliver life-changing outcomes to women and men alike, rehabilitating over thousands of pelvic health cases including post-prostatectomy rehab and incontinence rehab, chronic pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction and sexual pain. 

Through comprehensive treatment approach, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced and custom protocols, our team members are able to achieve clinical breakthroughs and earn the trust and confidence of clients.