Goodbye Bulging Tummy!​

Shareen who is a 42-year-old businesswoman, with 3 children and 5 cats has shared her beautiful story after using Vibrance. Let’s hear what she has to say.

When the Vibrance team shared the importance of pelvic floor muscles to my overall health, I was excited to get started! I have a terrible back pain and because of that, I know I slouch a bit and I rush to the toilet a lot. These are all very unpleasant experiences.

I started using the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer (VPT) and amazingly after only two times of five minute sessions, I noticed by back pain reduced, seriously!

I was so happy with the immediate results, I started using it daily for 5 minutes a day. I noticed I slouch and urinate less than before. I also noticed my tummy’s flatter. I had no idea that a strong pelvic floor muscle could help me get rid of my bulging tummy. I mean, I’m pretty small and slim so it’s so annoying having that slight bulge. Now, I can even fit into my 13-year-old daughter’s jeans! It’s nearly two months since I started using VPT. I love the exercise, I feel great and most importantly I’m happy.

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