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*Applicable only for first time customers at Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
*Usable 1 time only, for first visit.

Reverse and cure your urine leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic floor related challenges.

Lasting Solution - We Target the Root Cause

Using clinically proven methods backed by decades of practice and research, we target the root cause of why women leak urine when we exercise, sneeze, cough, or even just unknowingly.   

The treatment session is a combination of evidence-based clinical methods to: 

  • know the true reason why our body leak urine especially during certain activities,
  • assess and reverse pelvic organ prolapse (organs falling down and out of the vagina) 
  • use pelvic physiotherapy to counteract the abdominal pressures pushing our bladder and internal organs,
  • Prevent further issues of Urinary Tract Infection, back injuries and pain, AND;
  • restoring the youthfulness of our inner muscles that hold everything together inside. 

From leaking down to the feet, to just droplets
In just 3 treatment sessions


BEFORE: Leaking Down the Thighs

Years of weakened bladder control. Severe leaking happens at the slightest extra impact from doing house chores or light activities. 


AFTER Just 3 Sessions: Only Droplets

In a timespan of 3 sessions over 2 weeks, our client reversed her years-long leaking frustration tremendously undergoing our specialised pelvic physiotherapy.

    Women-Only Therapists:
    Who Deeply Understand Women's Health Issues

    Women-only and 1Malaysia!

    You do not need to worry about being shy or embarrassed to talk to a male therapist. 

    Our team is truly 1 Malaysia and are able to handle English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil languages. Don't need to worry about the treatment instructions being lost in translation.

    To meet your therapists in advance, you can read more about them here.

    Optimum Privacy and Safety

    Nestled in between but away from the convenient Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall.

    By Appointment Only

    Therapists fully vaccinated and COVID-free since March 2021

    Rigorous SOP adopted to sanitise and to screen visitors and customers.

    (last updated 21 Sep 2021)

    Highly Specialised and Experienced in Women's Health Issues
    Here's what to expect:

    Professional Consultation: Giving you a clear, understandable snapshot of your current condition with treatment recommendation

    Comparable with visit to gynae or consulting with specialists:

    Worth RM250-RM400 outside of Vibrance

    Your First Pelvic Treatment: Experience how pelvic physiotherapy can help you restore your control and tone under expert guidance.

    Uniquely available at Vibrance only.

    – Performed by Pelvic Health Physiotherapists
    – Assisted by clinically proven and safe medical devices which are NON-LASER and NON-INVASIVE.
    – Proprietary Biofeedback mechanism to help you accelerate recovery

    Included in your first treatment at RM190 net

    Ready to liberate yourself from pelvic floor problems?


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