KegelX – Online Booking Special

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Book online to immediately save RM90 + get a Special Bonus* on your first KegelX experience.

  • Start reversing unwanted, accidental urine leaking with physiotherapy-grade therapy and exercises.
  • Clinically proven, 100% safe for our body.
  • Privacy 1-to-1 session, performed by vaccinated Pelvic Care Physiotherapists.
  • No fitness level required.
  • Suitable for all age groups.


Get 15 minutes extra on your first treatment  (regular session 30 minutes) when you purchase your first trial online

More time to experience the results of your treatment.
Or get a more detailed consult with our Pelvic Care Physiotherapists.


Terms & Conditions:
Only applicable for 1st time visit new customers.
While offer lasts.

What to expect from 30-days of KegelX?

Improved Bladder Control

Say NO to accidental urine leaking even as we become older or after pregnancy

Tighter vaginal tone and firmness

Restore your sexual sensations especially after childbirth or menopause

Relieve constant lower back pain

Fix the back pain that won’t go away – Pelvic stability reduces the overworking of our lower back muscles. 

Prevent pelvic organs prolapse

Prolapse, or internal pelvic organ falling out of the vagina, makes daily activities such as walking, toileting, sexual intercourse frustrating and disturbing

Reduced mommy pouch or bulging lower belly

A lot of times, this happens when our pelvic floor is loose and weak, causing internal organs to push out from our belly

See visible results and health improvements

Get better results than alternative, non-clinically proven treatments such as laser and aesthetic, at a fraction of the costs

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Clinically Proven Methods, Life-changing Results for Thousands of Malaysian Women

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