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Stop Urine Leaking During Exercise with The Vibrance Method

✓ Staying dry no matter what type of high impact exercise we do

Prevent pelvic floor injury without quitting exercise we love

✓ Defend against leaking issues even as we enter old age

 Save on buying and changing pads for leaking

 Bonus effect a tighter vaginal tone by the time we finish

✓ Be in control of our body and confidence!

Tried a dozen methods to stop the leak, but...

From emptying the bladder before working out to not drinking water before and during exercise.

I tried wearing pads. Seeing doctor. Using various products on Lazada or Shopee…

None of it had reduced the leaking and my frustration.

In the end, I had to live with it for 7 years because nothing worked! 

Until I tried the Vibrance method, and it changed my life.

Emptying bladder before exercise

Still leaking when doing exercise when bladder is refilled after several minutes.

Dr Diane Newman: Visualizing Stress Incontinence

Seeing Doctors and Taking Meds

Seen doctors and taken some medicine or supplements but it doesn't really help to plug the leak.

Wearing pads during workouts

This makes it smelly, sweaty and humid. It may also cause skin irritation and infection problems at the pelvic region.

Trying all sorts of products

From vagina weights to creams and devices, some made the condition worse.

How did it help me overcome 7 years of leaking in just 3 months?

Using 3 proven steps to target the root cause of why we leak urine when we exercise, namely impact, intensity, weakened pelvic floor: 

The leaking volume reduced significantly just after a 3 sessions (from a stream to droplets). 

After following the method and a few months later, I was completely leak-free and able to stay dry when I go back to exercising and dancing!  

The treatment sessions were a combination of evidence-based clinical methods to: 

  • know the true reason why our body leak urine especially during exercise,
  • a series of physical therapy using our body to counteract the abdominal pressures pushing our bladder,
  • Prevent further issues of Urinary Tract Infection, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, and back injuries, AND;
  • restoring the youthfulness of our inner muscles that hold everything together inside. 

The 3 Main Methods to Deal with Urine Leaking

Option 1: Wearing Pads for Life

Incontinence pads (generic brand) ~RM1/pad Changing pads 1-3 times a day RM 1 to 3 x 30 days x 12 months x 30 years RM10,800 – RM32,400

30 years spend >RM10800

Option 2: Do Nothing

Go to toilet more frequently – Free RM 0
Change soiled pants – Occasionally buy new pants $-$$
Drink less water – Free RM 0


– Overactive bladder medicine $$
– Dehydration health issues (skin and kidney) $$-$$$
– Leaking worsen to prolapse (surgery) -$$$$-$$$$$
30 years spend RM $$$$$

Option 3: Use the Vibrance Method

– Credible, verified, and clinically proven methods

– Latest advances in treating urine leaking (once thought as without cure)

– Tested and has helped over 500 Malaysian women in 3 years.

30 years GOOD quality of life (Priceless)

Begin your restoration and recovery at RM190, no extra charges, no hidden costs!

Urine leaking can now finally be reversed and cured!
*All cases depicted above are real clients and true success cases at Vibrance, the Pelvic Care Professionals since 2011

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