Exercise your Pelvic Floor

Restore your Vaginal Tone, Reignite your Sexual Sensations, and Say Goodbye to Leaking Urine

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Supercharge your Pelvic Health with KegelX

Be 100% sure of your Kegel Exercise to achieve true vaginal rejuvenation, prevent loss of bladder control, and maintain your quality of life for years!

Clinically Proven Methods

KegelX uses best-in-class medical knowledge and technology in pelvic health improvement so that you get real results

Affordable, Safe, Effective Results

Say goodbye to expensive and risky laser, aesthetic therapy jabs and other non-proven methods of restoring your pelvic health. Get lasting results that doesn't hurt your wallet.

Certified Women's Health Physiotherapist Instructor

Eliminate the guesswork of doing Kegels with constant correction and attention given to you by trained Instructors in a number-controlled class

Anyone Can Do It

Regardless of your age and level of fitness, you will be able to do Kegels correctly with our clinically proven methods and professional guidance.

Experience KegelX Today

Number-controlled class, giving you all the attention and time needed to succeed

1-hour class each session with multiple class schedules in a month for your best use of time

Complimentary access to yoga mat and shower facilities after your KegelX workout

Multiple parking bays available and accessible by public transport

(10-15 minutes walk from Bangsar LRT station)

Join Thousands of Women Who have Improved Their Pelvic Health

KegelX uses the same tried and tested clinically proven methods that have helped thousands of women with pelvic dysfunction restore their bladder control, tighten vaginal tone after childbirth and regain confidence 

Pelvic Health and Your Quality of life

Our pelvic region governs our bladder control, sexual sensations, core strength, pregnancy and childbirth functions

 Losing control of our normal pelvic floor functions is highly frustrating but can be prevented early by doing Kegels correctly

"...I urge women to take charge of their pelvic health early and often as the benefits are profound and life changing..."

Dr Diane K. Newman
Co-Director, Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health
Director, Clinical Trials, Division of Urology, Adjunct Professor of Surgery University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

KegelX Group Class

Experience this exclusive, first ever Kegels group class in Malaysia that can supercharge your pelvic health by doing Kegels correctly





1 hour

Single Class Pass – RM 88
Twin Class Pass – RM 158

Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre
139 Jalan Maarof Bangsar
59000 Kuala Lumpur

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