No more guessing how to do Kegels

Introducing KegelX™ - the first ever weekly group class programme designed to help you do Kegels correctly so that you can progressively restore and maintain your pelvic health.

With the guidance of certified Women's Health Physiotherapists as your clinically trained instructor, you will see measurable results in as little as a month

Why should I do Kegels?

Kegel exercise is the only exercise that can work out our internal pelvic floor muscles. 

When our pelvic floor is weak, women can expect:

uncontrollable urine leakage

frequent urination

night time urination and bad sleep quality

decreased sexual sensation (looseness)

difficulty in passing urine and stool

lower back pain

pelvic organ prolapse, where our internal organs fall outside of our vagina

Clinically Proven Methods, Life-changing Results for Thousands of Women


What to expect from KegelX?

KegelX takes away the guesswork of doing Kegels right. It combines clinically proven methods with easy and basic movements so that every woman can:

Improve Bladder Control

Say NO to accidental urine leaking even as we become older or after pregnancy

Tighten vaginal tone and firmness

Restore your sexual sensations especially after childbirth or menopause

Relieve recurring lower back pain

Fix the back pain that won’t go away – Pelvic stability reduces the overworking of our lower back muscles. 

Prevent internal pelvic organs from falling out of our body (prolapse)

Prolapse makes daily activities such as walking, toileting, sexual intercourse frustrating and disturbing

Reduce mommy pouch or bulging lower belly

A lot of times, this happens when our pelvic floor is loose and weak, causing internal organs to push out from our belly

See visible results and improvements to your pelvic health

Get better results than alternative, non-clinically proven treatments such as laser and aesthetic, at a fraction of the costs


Who is KegelX for?

KegelX is recommended for women below who are at risk of pelvic health issues

Women who have been pregnant before, or planning for pregnancy

Women who have given birth to more than 1 child before

Women who are approaching/at menopause

Women who do intensive or high impact exercise such as jogging, lifting weights

Women who have long term coughing, sneezing, or constipation​

Women who have undergone hysterectomy or assisted childbirth procedures such as forceps & vacuum

Women who are looking to prevent the issues are also encouraged to do KegelX

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KegelX™ is brought to you by Vibrance, the Pelvic Care Professionals since 2011

Still have questions? Read some of the FAQs here

Like learning cycling or swimming, most people will need a few lessons to get the hang of it. Kegel exercise is similar to that, except we cannot visually see the muscles and movement as the pelvic floor is inside of our body. 

For best results, it is recommended that we do a minimum of 4-8 KegelX sessions within the first 2 months golden window of learning.

As an example, women often report visible improvements such as improved intimate sensations with feedback from their husbands after just a few sessions of KegelX.   

In order to maximise the benefits of KegelX and provide you all the time and attention needed for you to succeed in achieving your pelvic health goals, each KegelX class size is limited to 12 people.

For one-to-one therapy and treatment for pelvic health issues, it is recommended that you contact us to understand your condition and goals so that we can give you the best care and therapy. 

To get faster results, you may consult our Instructor to consider a one-to-one therapy session with our Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Kindly get in touch with us via WhatsApp +6011-59385962 or call our Careline at +603-22012115 to learn more.

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Yes definitely!

Pelvic floor muscle neglect is a known cause of pelvic health issues in women.

To maintain and prevent the loss of our pelvic functions, it is important to do Kegels from time to time to increase muscle activity & blood circulation into that area.

We still need to work out those muscle in order to optimise and maximise their function.

Yes, KegelX is specially designed to help you regardless of your age and fitness levels by incorporating easy and basic movements to achieve the desired results.

Kegels can be hard to do it right by ourselves – even medical professionals do it wrong sometimes, and KegelX is here to change that so that you can get the lifelong benefits even after you reach 60yrs old.

However, if your condition is severe and it is causing your quality of life to suffer, do speak with our Instructor to get a personalised recommendation on what you can do to get faster and better results. 

Feel more committed when you workout with your gang? Want to do KegelX™ with your friends and family?

Customise your own class schedule that works best for your group with a minimum of 5 members.

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