Rewarding Pathway in Women's Health

Become a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and build a fulfilling and enriching career for yourself.

Vibrance women's health

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A unique and rewarding career

Practicing as a Vibrance Pelvic Health Physio offers a unique career opportunity. It’s a great alternative to non-specialising physiotherapist jobs, physio on-the-wheels, locum jobs, or other part-time instructor jobs and side gigs.

Organisation that matches your life goals

We care deeply for your long term development and career growth. 

Our management experience and expertise takes care of your career planning to ensure that you are well-prepared until retirement.  

From Junior to Senior to Partner Physiotherapist, your growth journey at Vibrance should improve your standing every step of the way. 

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Heartwarming Job Satisfaction

Every now and then we receive positive feedback, good news, and amazing reviews from our clients who successfully overcome their pelvic health problems, such as bringing their baby to see us after curing vaginismus. 

Be part of our team and family and together we can deliver meaningful, maximum impact to our clients’ quality of life.

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About the Company

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Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre is a physiotherapy centre focusing on women’s pelvic health physiotherapy. 

Our special focus has enabled us to deliver life-changing outcomes to women, from overcoming chronic pain and urine leakage, to managing prolapse to avoid the need for surgery, or post-pelvic surgery rehab. 

Through comprehensive treatment approach, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced and custom protocols, our team members are able to achieve clinical breakthroughs and earn the trust and confidence of clients.

About the Role of Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

At Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre, you will have the opportunity to perform best-in-class women’s health physiotherapy, and have the potential to enjoy the highest possible income for physiotherapists in Malaysia

  • Assess and treat clients’ pelvic health issues using the Vibrance pelvic health protocols
  • Enlighten clients on the topic of women pelvic health and how it affects their quality of life
  • Propose and offer appropriate solutions that are tailored to the client
  • Perform necessary treatment on client based on prescribed solutions
  • Maintain client files and records e.g. progress, ultrasound scans, etc
  • Maintain professional conduct to clients and respect their privacy, needs and wants
  • Opportunity to conduct workshops and events for public pelvic health awareness

Our Work Environment & Approach


We uphold high standards at work and behave professionally by being upfront, transparent, honest, and respectful.


We work in alignment towards a unified common goal/objective and bring out the best in each other. We do not tolerate office politics and unhealthy internal interactions.


We communicate with clarity and constructiveness with the aim of achieving win-win outcome for all involved. We do not make assumptions, instead we clarify.

Rewards, Benefits & Perks

Performance-based rewards

Your high performance is recognised and justly rewarded

Long term wellbeing

We care for your long term growth and wellbeing

Amazing perks

Enjoy unconventional physio perks such as car purchase, home purchase, and family member care packages.

Pay, Income and Remuneration

The Income Package:
  • Base pay
  • Performance-based rewards & perks
  • Pathway to Partnership (profit-sharing)
New Hires:
  • Fresh Graduate: Base Pay starting from RM2,400
  • With Recognised Experience: Base Pay starting from RM3,000
Once you begin your career pathway at Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre and attain the necessary performance standards, you will unlock more streams of income that can propel you to RM80,000-RM100,000 in total annual income.
If you meet our requirements below, submit your application with us to learn more.  

Here's what you need to become a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist at Vibrance

vibrance physiotherapist career
  • Qualified in Physiotherapy (Degree and above)
  • Female
  • Passionate and care about women improving health
  • Fluent in English.
  • Ability in more than 1 language is considered favourably
  • Working hours – Shift based (subject to operational requirements)

Other Available Roles:

Not a physiotherapist by training but still love to contribute towards women’s health? Want to help more women improve their quality of life? Or a student looking for elective placement? 

Click on the respective tabs to learn more.

  • Handle incoming customer inquiries and advising suitable treatments/actions for them
  • Acquiring new clients
  • Schedule existing clients’ appointments
  • Handle client payments
  • Shift-based hours
  • Additional rewards when achieving set targets & KPI

Become part of our service retail operations management team :

  • Manpower planning and operational hours scheduling
  • Operations bookkeeping (e.g. stock levels, petty cash handling etc)
  • Premises aesthetics, hygiene, and safety management
  • Marketing of our services and offerings
  • Business strategy implementation & execution
  • Reporting of retail operations matters – functional and financial to upper management  
If you are interested to pursue a career in women’s health, apply for a student placement with us. Get the opportunity to be fast-tracked into the women’s health physiotherapist career even before you graduate. Selected student placement applications practising at Vibrance may enjoy the benefit of earning a job offer even before you finish your studies. Get ahead of the curve and beat other graduates to job security and fast mover advantage. A 4-6 week student placement programme is designed to give you a flavour of real-world working experience in the field of women’s health.