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Is Leaking Stopping You From Living Your Best Life?

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Cure Years of Leaking with Clinically Proven Methods in Just Months

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Is Leaking Stopping You From Living Your Best Life?

Meet Vibrance Pelvic Therapy

Cure Years of Leaking with Clinically Proven Methods in Just Months

▶️ Discover How in the Video Below. 

New clients get 30% off our signature treatment


Thousands of Women Have Cured Incontinence with Vibrance

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New clients get 30% off our signature treatment

Treating Urinary Incontinence

with Pelvic Physiotherapy

the pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence

Always treat the root cause — involuntary leakage of urine is usually a sign of weakness of our pelvic floor muscles. The right way is therefore to start from the root cause.

If you’ve been researching treatment options, you’ve likely come across numerous methods — medications, surgeries, lifestyle changes, and physical therapies.

Here, let’s explore why pelvic physiotherapy stands out as the most effective at treating the root cause.


Urinary incontinence, or involuntary leakage of urine is usually a sign of weakness of our pelvic floor muscles.

If you’ve been researching treatment options, you’ve likely come across numerous methods—medications, surgeries, lifestyle changes, and physical therapies. 

Here, let’s explore why pelvic physiotherapy stands out as the most effective and non-invasive treatment option.

So, What is Pelvic Physiotherapy?

Pelvic Physiotherapy is a specialised field of physiotherapy that is clinically recommended to reverse and fully cure urine leaking by treating the root cause.

It uses clinically proven techniques and specific exercises with scientific evidence to rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles, which play a crucial role in bladder control.

Pelvic Physiotherapy is the Best First Line Defense

It's the difference between those who continue to leak urine with the wrong treatment approach, and the ones who can cure it within sessions!

Study 1:
With Pelvic Physiotherapy

✅ 70% of women who participated in pelvic floor muscle training experienced a reduction in urinary incontinence symptoms compared to only 25% in the control group [1]

Study 2:
Without Pelvic Physiotherapy

❌ Women who took medications alone reported significantly lower improvement in symptoms (35%) compared to those engaged in pelvic physiotherapy (60%) [2]

Backed by strong, longstanding evidence, Pelvic Physiotherapy has been consistently proven to be an effective first line defense to treat urine leaking
  1. Abrams, P., et al. “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence.” British Journal of Urology International, vol. 120, no. 1, 2017, pp. 158-169.
  2. Hay-Smith, J., et al. “Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Urinary Incontinence in Women.” The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, vol. 118, no. 4, 2018, pp. 345-354.

Pelvic Physiotherapy is…

Non-Invasive and Safe

Pelvic Physiotherapy is painless and without any downtime or adverse effects, giving you the freedom to carry on with daily life.

Why risk invasive methods such as surgery and take on the risk of surgical complications and post-surgery rehab?

Helps you avoid:
Surgery and Surgical Complications. Post-Surgery Rehab. Kegel weights / balls. Laser burns and scarring.  


Pelvic Physiotherapy is…

No dependency

Get lasting results without the need to rely on pads, adult diapers, medication and constant revisit to machines.

You shouldn’t need to spend on methods that hook you on dependency when you can treat the root cause and solve it for good. Say goodbye to coping!    

Helps you avoid:
Medication. Dependency and long term spending on Machines. Pads and adult diapers, and other coping mechanisms.   


Pelvic Physiotherapy is…

Tailored to Your Condition

Health issues should always be individualised based on your condition and for your safety.  

More Is Not Always Better for You

Undifferentiated dosage such as the HIFEM Kegel Chair or other types of one-size-fit-all aesthetic solutions can do more harm than good!

Helps you avoid:
Excessive HIFEM repetitions which may worsen your condition. ‘Urut sengkak’ or womb massage which does not address root cause.


What to expect from 30 days of Treatment?

Personalized Treatment Plan

Pelvic Physiotherapists will tailor a pelvic rehab programme to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment

This personalized approach maximizes the benefits and speeds up recovery

From Weak to In Control

Pelvic Floor Muscles Before After Vibrance Pelvic Physiotherapy

See Your Body Change and Improve 

Much like trying to lose weight, our body requires time to effect and reflect the changes throughout the rehabilitation journey

You will start noticing reduction in volume of leaking, the frequency of leaking, and eventually becoming fully in control with normal levels of control again 

In Control. From Wet to Dry. Confidence.

You can see and feel the results in as little as 30 days!

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Pelvic Physiotherapy Gives You Everything You Need to Overcome Urinary Incontinence and More

All In One Convenient Spot!

Improved Bladder Control

Say NO to accidental urine leaking even as we become older or after pregnancy

Tighter tone and firmness

Restore your sexual sensations especially after childbirth or menopause

Relieve constant lower back pain

Fix the back pain that won’t go away – Pelvic stability reduces the overworking of our lower back muscles. 

Prevent pelvic organ prolapse

Prolapse, or internal pelvic organ falling out of the vagina, makes daily activities such as walking, toileting, sexual intercourse frustrating and disturbing

Reduced mommy pouch or bulging lower belly

A lot of times, this happens when our pelvic floor is loose and weak, causing internal organs to push out from our belly

See visible results and health improvements

Get better results than alternative, non-clinically proven treatments such as laser and aesthetic, at a fraction of the costs

New clients get 30% off our signature treatment

Also recommended for...

Women who are at higher risk of leaking and pelvic weakness due to:


Stretching of pelvic floor


Multiple stretching of pelvic floor


Pelvic muscle shrinking

such as jogging, lifting heavy objects

Impact and pressure


Impact and pressure

(hysterectomy or assisted childbirth procedures such as forceps & vacuum)

Pulls, injury, cuts

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get here:


Subject to special hours e.g. public holidays

Standard Session Rate: RM280+SST 

Generally yes. Your insurance provider / policy may reimburse your treatment fees under the ‘physiotherapy’ rehabilitation category. For details, kindly refer to your policy and insurance provider / agent. 

Good news is, most of our clients/patients with insurance coverage either under their staff benefits (such as PM Care, MiCare) OR under their personal insurance policies have managed to claim and get fully reimbursed.  

We will provide supporting documents such as proof of visit(s) and payment receipts, as well as handle any administrative communications to assist your insurance claim, upon your request and as needed. 

Note: A Guaranteed Letter (GL) or Referral Letter is NOT REQUIRED for you to book appointment or come for treatment. 

Most clients/patients see significant reduction in both volume and incidence of leaking after 4 weekly treatment sessions.

For indication:

Case 1
Severity: 7 Years of Leaking
Treatment Duration & Outcome: Cured in 3 months

Case 2
Severity: Leaking Heavy Volume Flowing Down to Feet 
Treatment Duration & Outcome: Leaking Reduced to Droplets in 2 weeks with 3 treatments

*The above are actual patient cases for indication. You will receive a physical assessment at the start of your treatment estimated duration.  

Your bladder control is restored when your pelvic floor muscles are rehabilitated to its original strong and healthy state, and working in sync with our brain and neuro system. 

The Vibrance Pelvic Physiotherapy works so well because the programme helps you to:

Rebuild pelvic floor muscle tone and strength for better control 

Retrain the bladder for regaining the lost endurance

Recondition and relearn your toilet urges and voiding practice to go back to normal

Reviews your lifestyle and habits that caused leaking in the first place, and to prevent it from happening again

Records your progression to make sure it reaches the optimal outcome  

+ Plus you have your own Pelvic Health Physiotherapist to assess and determine suitable protocols relevant to your age, condition, and ability, which is the most important reason why it works so well!

Experiencing it in person may be the best way to feel the amazing effects and results even in just a one session! 

Here are some of the key differences between the HIFEM Kegel Chair and Pelvic Physiotherapy:

  • Mode and Dosage:

      HIFEM has fixed modes. It means fixed dosage for all patients regardless of your severity and individual condition.


     Pelvic Physiotherapy gives the appropriate intervention and dosage adjusted to the different conditions of each individual patient/client.

  • Mechanism and Scientific Basis of Treatment:

     HIFEM can only deliver supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor regardless of the patient’s severity, it might not be optimal load for you and may overburden and cause further injury and trauma to your muscles over time.


     Pelvic Physiotherapy is delivered by Pelvic Physiotherapists who determines for you the right rehab intensity, pace, and continuous progression using clinical principles.

  • Effects and Results of Therapy

     HIFEM is a type of external and passive activation, which is similar to hiring a person to exercise our body parts and we do not do any work. We may feel fatigue and sore from being pulled and pushed by another person, but we almost certainly do not gain any muscles in the process compared to the person exercising us. It would also take a very long time, if any at all.

     Pelvic Physiotherapy requires your own activation and engagement, aided by resistance, which are the scientific ways of growing and rebuilding muscles i.e. for your pelvic floor. It is a much more measurable, visible progression and pace depending on how fast you can progress.
  • Adverse / Side Effects

     HIFEM may not be suitable for patients with pelvic organ prolapse as overworking and stimulating the pelvic floor can overburden the already weak pelvic floor muscles, as well as potentially pushing the already dislocated pelvic organs into other positions.

    HIFEM may also cause a condition called muscle hypertone, which can cause chronic pelvic pain and painful sex due to too much stimulation. 

     Pelvic Physiotherapy has no known adverse effects and does no harm to the body.

Yes, patients already present with pelvic organ prolapse can benefit from pelvic physiotherapy as the rehabilitative effects are useful and relevant for prolapse reversal as well. A complimentary pelvic organ prolapse grading assessment will be done for you during your first visit to determine further.  

Pessary ring is compatible with pelvic physiotherapy and wearers are also advised to receive pelvic rehab.  

You should also avoid HIFEM until more clinical evidence and trials are done regarding tits usage for prolapse patients. 

Yes. Pelvic Physiotherapy can still work to rehabilitate your weakened pelvic floor muscles if that is the main cause of your urine leaking. 

We have helped clients/patients aged 70s to still regain good control over the bladder and toileting. 

Yes. Urine leaking is a sign of pelvic floor weakness and it cannot get better over time by itself.

Allowed to progress, it can cause further pelvic dysfunctions to our body that ‘reminds’ us every day: 

  • Toilet frequency / Bladder Urge
  • Constipation 
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse (e.g. ‘rahim jatuh’)
  • Sexual Discomfort / Dysfunction
  • Reduced / Loss of Sexual Sensations
  • Chronic Pelvic & Back Pain
  • Diastasis Recti (Separated Abdomen)

These often lead to serious negative impact to our daily quality of life, and our emotional wellbeing.

Some conditions can develop into a surgical problem, with permanently irreversible effects.     

Certain pregnant patients can benefit from pelvic physiotherapy to restore their bladder control as well as enjoy a more conditioned pelvic floor for natural delivery as well as better pelvic recovery after childbirth.

However, do follow your gynaecologist’s consult as certain patients are contraindicated for exercise or any insertion based activity during pregnancy.   

Yes. Contraceptive devices such as IUD (intrauterine devices) do not interfere with treatment and the patient/client is generally compatible to undergo pelvic physiotherapy.  

Patients/Persons with certain comorbidities who require urgent care for their other present conditions, such as patients indicated for surgery intervention by their doctors.  

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