Vaginismus Medical Grade Dilator


Vaginismus Dilator

As used in our signature Vibrance Vaginismus Therapy that has helped hundreds of clients overcome vaginismus, this is our expert-recommended and customer-preferred dilator set for your optimal treatment outcome:

  • Comes in 5 increasing sizes, ideal and necessary for progressive improvement
  • Medical grade ‘warm’ silicone – made from high quality, medical grade silicone which feels soft to touch that quickly adapts to your body heat and feel very natural and comfortable when inserted.
  • Robust, hardwearing and easy to keep clean compared to plastic dilators
  • Tried and tested by more than 500 vaginismus clients at our centre to be superior than most other dilators available in Malaysia
  • Easy to differentiate between sizes with colour markers vs white plastic dilators


Recommended Add-on for Best Treatment Outcome:

Get a Vaginismus Consultation at 20% Off with your Dilator purchase

Your purchase of the vaginismus dilator will entitle you a 20% off when you buy the first vaginismus consultation add-on together.

Get a vaginismus consultation at our centre – Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre (KL, Malaysia) with our experienced vaginismus therapists. Online consultation is available in the event you are unable to attend physically.

Why should you pair it with a Vaginismus First Consultation?

  • Learn the right ways to use the device to help you achieve the right outcome
  • Trained and experienced Pelvic Physiotherapists can guide you to the fastest possible results
  • Physical examination helps to establish and understand your baseline condition and the right starting size
  • Personalised consultation to treat your present condition
  • Our Vibrance Vaginismus Therapy has helped over 500 individuals and their partners overcome vaginismus since 2018 with is the single centre with the most success cases


* Online Consultation is available for outstation clients who cannot attend a physical session at our centre for any reason

* Choose the Add-On option with Consultation with the purchase of your dilator to get an automatic discounted bundle purchase.

* Our Customer Care team will contact you to arrange for consultation appointment within 1-2 working days of your purchase.


The dilator set is also indicated for various treatments relating to your pelvic health:

– Vaginismus
– Dyspareunia of various causes
– Scarring after episiotomy or perineal tear
– After gynecological operations
– During and after radiotherapy or chemotherapy
– After vaginal surgery with reduction of the vagina and scarring
– vaginoplasty/neovagina
– Vaginal stenosis



– CE medical device
– Made in Germany
– Certified medical device according to ISO 13485


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No international shipping presently.



Overcome vaginismus effectively without the pain of trial and error, save time and money

Here’s what our customers say about our Vibrance Vaginismus Therapy programme: 

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