Vaginismus Essential Plan

Vaginismus can affect both your physical and psychological functions.

Our proprietary multi-disciplinary approach combines physical, emotional, and sexual therapy to overcome vaginismus without the need for surgery nor medication.

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Vaginismus Essential Plan

Definition of Vaginismus

Vaginismus and vaginal pain during intercourse is highly treatable. Get in touch with our Sexologist and Women's Health Physiotherapist to learn how we can help
  • Vaginismus is the fear and/or feeling of pain involving any form of vaginal penetration

  • It is a condition of involuntary muscle spasm related to our pelvic floor muscles.

  • It makes inserting tampon, sexual intercourse, gynaecological procedures difficult or impossible

  • Most of the time, vaginismus is more than just a physical condition

Vaginismus Essential Plan

How can Vibrance help you?

Full-Fledged Vaginismus Centre
  • A unique one-stop centre that offers multi-disciplinary approach to address the root cause

Professionals At Your Disposal

  • Therapy by certified, highly experienced Sexologist and Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Customised Treatment Plan

  • One-to-One approach for dedicated, personalised therapy

Women-Only Centre

  • Exclusive Centre for Women (Therapists and Clients)

International Clientele

  • Preferred vaginismus treatment destination by international clients (from Ireland to Indonesia)

Trusted Partners by Doctors

  • Treatment standards trusted and recommended by doctors and specialists

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Vaginismus Essential Plan

Description of Treatment & What to Expect

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach

You will receive combined treatment covering physical, emotional, and sexual therapy to overcome vaginismus -- without the need for surgery nor medication.

Multi-disciplinary approach can offer you a much higher success rate.

Personalised Treatment Plan

No vaginismus case is ever the same. Your treatment plan will be tailored based on your personal needs and conditions to give you what it takes to overcome vaginismus.

Knowing is Half the Battle Won

You will receive sexual therapy that includes sexual anatomy, sexual education, sexual awareness, sexual communication with partner and so on.

Qualified Physical Assistance

You will receive physical treatment that involve progressive insertion until successful penis penetration with less pain, no pain or pleasure

Other Critical Success Factors

You will be taught techniques such as relaxation, massage and breathing to ease your treatment progress.

Humanised & Caring Guidance - All the Way

Our Sexologist and Women’s Health Physiotherapist will be guiding you step-by-step throughout your therapy journey

Purpose-Built Environment

Safe and confidential environment to ensure your privacy and comfort

Positioned to Succeed

You can expect successful penetration with consistent treatment and practice at home with your husband/partner

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