Vaginismus Essential Plan

After listening to over 500 vaginismus individuals and couples locally:

We now have a pioneering treatment method that is able to help 80% of our clients achieve their first ever penetration in as little as 1 attempt.

There are very limited vaginismus solutions available in Malaysia, and most therapy approaches only handle one aspect of vaginismus:

Psychological - Medical professionals may refer us to a Psychiatrist for medication and psychology assessments. Or we may get numbing medication prescriptions.

Physical - Google results often suggest using dilators for attempting the physical penetration ourselves, which may cause further trauma to the untrained hands.

Vaginismus Essential Plan is a pioneering multi-disciplinary approach that combines physical, emotional, and sexual therapy to overcome vaginismus effectively.

No more forcing ourselves with a dilator or numbing ourselves with medication.

Treatment begins at RM300 + SST

Vaginismus Essential Plan

Case Study #1:
5 Years of Sexless Marriage due to Unbearable Painful Intercourse

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  • Body tenses up. Thighs and vagina tighten when husband attempted to penetrate. 
  • Both felt like hitting a wall during the various attempts.
  • Forcing an attempt causes unbearable pain to the wife, 
  • Had to abort sex after few failed attempts because it was frustrating, painful and scary with each attempt.

After sessions of Vaginismus Essential Plan, couple was able to do penetration using fingers, and successfully had intercourse after!

Case Study #2:
Vaginismus Even After Having Baby

  • Baby was conceived using splash pregnancy method.
  • However, baby was not able to be delivered naturally due to vaginismus spasms and high mental tension. 
  • Even after baby was born, the couple felt like their marriage was not consummated.
  • There was no sex life, despite both of them wanted it. 

From totally unable to have penetrative sex with the mission to get pregnant to now being able to enjoy sex, this married couple has finally consummated their marriage after undergoing the Vaginismus Essential Plan.

Vaginismus Essential Plan

How can Vibrance help you?

Full-Fledged Vaginismus Centre
  • A unique one-stop centre that offers multi-disciplinary approach to address the root cause

Professionals At Your Disposal

  • Therapy by highly experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapists trained in treating vaginismus

Customised Treatment Plan

  • One-to-One approach for dedicated, personalised therapy

  • International Clients’ Choice
  • Preferred vaginismus treatment destination by international clients (from Ireland to Indonesia)

Trusted Doctors’ Partner

  • Treatment standards trusted and recommended by doctors and specialists

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Vaginismus Essential Plan

Description of Treatment & What to Expect

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach

You will receive combined treatment covering physical, emotional, and sexual therapy to overcome vaginismus -- without the need for surgery nor medication.

Multi-disciplinary approach can offer you a much higher success rate.

Personalised Treatment Plan

No vaginismus case is ever the same. Your treatment plan will be tailored based on your personal needs and conditions to give you what it takes to overcome vaginismus.

Evidence-based Knowledge

You will receive sexual therapy that includes sexual anatomy, sexual education, sexual awareness, sexual communication with partner and so on.

Qualified Physical Assistance

You will receive physical treatment that involve progressive insertion until successful penis penetration with less pain, no pain or pleasure

Other Critical Success Factors

You will be taught techniques such as relaxation, massage and breathing to ease your treatment progress.

Humanised & Caring Guidance - All the Way

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist will be guiding you step-by-step throughout your therapy journey

Purpose-Built Environment

Safe and confidential environment to ensure your privacy and comfort

100% of our clients improved their condition after treatment

You can expect successful penetration with consistent treatment and practice at home with your husband/partner

Meet Our Therapists

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With our guidance under the Vaginismus Essential Plan, you can: 


Consummate marriage painlessly and save your marital relationship

Get pregnant without expensive fertility solution

Please your husband/partner AND allow your body to relax and enjoy the process at the same time

Get through a pap smear or gynae exam without pain, anxiety and stress

Take back control of your body and your confidence!