Sandra Miller

Mother of 3

Audio coaching feature help to stay focused on the correct muscle

Thank you for the opportunity to use this product! I felt confident I had a strong pelvic floor even after having three children. I believed the regular pelvic and glute muscle exercises I practiced in conditioning class were sufficient. However, I began to notice that whenever I sneezed, exercised with a full bladder or waited too long to go to the bathroom, I would pee my pants a bit. I just figured this was part of growing older.

I was told about Vibrance and how it provided feedback each time I used my pelvic muscle correctly. It intrigued me. Little did I know how weak my pelvic muscle was and what a challenge it would be to locate!

I was using the Vibrance for a couple days and concentrating on my ͞pee muscle but wasn’t receiving a response. It was discouraging as I really couldn’t find my pelvic floor muscle. (I even checked to see if my device was on.) With continued practice, I was able to finally isolated my muscle. I was thrilled and at the same time relieved!

The instant feedback from Vibrance reinforced I had identified the correct muscle, which does encourage me to see if I can do it again. I appreciate the audio coaching feature to help me stay focused on the correct muscle.

By following the recommended routine each day, I have noticed, especially this last week, I have more control of my body. During my conditioning class, I was able to differentiate quickly between my pelvic floor, hip and glute muscles and work them accurately. During sex, I have an increased awareness of my pelvic muscle and its responses. As a teacher, I do not have to worry about ͞holding my bladder when I become interrupted on the way to the restroom. I didn’t realize how distracting having a weak pelvic muscle was to my daily routine.

I found Vibrance easy to assemble and the directions straight forward. I was a bit frustrated with the top of the device. I assumed after I set the top on it that it would then later twist off for charging. I kept twisting and pulling on it until I reviewed the diagram and recognized what I was doing wrong. User error! The charge does not seem to last very long.

Overall, I am grateful for the recommendation to try the product and the education I have gained about the importance of a strong pelvic floor. If you need any additional information from me on my experience, just let me know.

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