Lady N. Duarte

37 years old, Hispanic

Bathroom frequency reduced & relieves pelvic pain

I was given the great opportunity to use the Vibrance Pelvic Floor trainer to provide feedback. I am very happy with the results I have seen in such a short time of using the Vibrance trainer. I was left with some issues after having 3 pelvic surgeries. I was having a lot of frequency and pelvic pressure pain every time my bladder was full. I was not too convinced at the beginning about using the Vibrance trainer thinking that it will cause more issues with the pressure since I had to squeeze my pelvic muscles. I thought they will become stiff.  To my surprise it was the opposite. Now I feel that I am able to hold my urine longer. I am not going to the bathroom as often as before. Also, I am not experiencing pelvic pressure as before.

I was also thinking that maybe it will take too long to do the exercise, also that the Vibrance trainer was going to be difficult to set up and use. But only a few minutes are needed, to receive such wonderful results.

I would definitely recommend using the Pelvic Floor Trainer to any women experiencing issues with leaking, pressure pain or frequency. It really has helped me a lot after having so many issues with my pelvic floor muscles. I feel more relieved and not going to the bathroom so many times has changed my life a lot.

Thank you very much for your  help.

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