Jennifer Jones

43 years old, registered nurse, mom to 3 boys

Biofeedback improves the Kegels technique & pelvic floor is stronger

I am a 43-year-old mom to 3 boys (ages 20, 15, & 13).  While I have not experienced incontinence at this stage of my life, I had begun to notice random episodes of urgency about 8 months ago.  These episodes did not interfere with my daily routine but, as a nurse, I knew it was a sign of things to come.

I began using the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer once daily for approximately 3 weeks and then used it once per day every 2-3 days.  I have been completing Kegel exercises 2-3 times per week for approximately 2 years so I was familiar with proper technique and benefit that Kegels provide.

I was amazed at the challenge the Vibrance presented.  Even though I was familiar with Kegels, the Vibrance made me realize that I was not always contracting my pelvic floor muscle with the strength needed to build or maintain muscle.  It took me several days of use to get a strong enough contraction to cause the Vibrance to give me the vibration biofeedback.  I was amazed that I wasn’t as strong as I thought!

After the first 3 weeks of use, I realized that I had not had any urgency.  While these episodes were random and rare, it was a great realization to know that had ceased to occur since beginning a more “regimented” exercise routine.  I have noticed a stronger urine stream when voiding and a general feeling of more strength in my pelvic floor.  I have seen an increase in sexual satisfaction and stronger orgasm as I have consistently used Vibrance and exercised my pelvic floor muscle.

Vibrance is extremely easy to use.  The silicone sleeves enable me to continue to challenge my muscle and increase strength.  I occasionally use the first sleeve but will admit it is a struggle to get that biofeedback so I regress back to using no sleeve as it is “easier”.  It is nice to know I have the ability to increase resistance which will enable me to use my unit for many years and prevent incontinence in my fast-approaching “golden years”.

I love the biofeedback that the Vibrance provides.  While I have utilized Kegels regularly, the vibration that this unit uses gives me a confidence that I am isolating the muscle properly and contracting strongly enough to build muscle.   I feel that this unit is a superb way for women to know that they are using proper technique when strengthening their muscle and am excited to offer it to my patients as an extension of the in-office pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.

Thank you for providing my Vibrance unit.  It is a great, high-quality device and I know that it will bring me benefits for many years.

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