Yanet Escalante

New Vibrance user

Bowel movements are more regular after 3 weeks of use

I started using the Vibrance three weeks ago; it took me a while to make it work because I had to use the correct set of muscle to activate it. Vibrance has been like a coaching tool helping me to identify the correct set of muscle. I have not experienced symptoms such as stress incontinence, painful intercourse or organ prolapsed however to my surprise, after two days of using the Vibrance three times a day for five minutes I noticed an improvement in my bowel movement and routine pattern.

I thought that going to the bathroom every two days was normal for me but I was Wahoo!!! I started having bowel movement more regularly, to be specific on a daily basis. I kept monitoring this pattern for a week to make sure it was not a temporary improvement and not it was not, my bowel movement are now more regular. Using the sheaths also creates more resistance strengthening the pelvic floor muscle. I definitely feel my pelvic floor muscles more tighten.

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