Kim Baldwin

55 years old, mom to 2 young adults

Easy fix for incontinence and looking forward to jump the trampoline again

I am 55 years old and have 2 20 year old children.  I am aware the my body is certainly changing.  The elasticity of my skin is changing.  I notice now that my skin is not nearly as smooth and taut as it was just a few years ago.  I didn’t think much about my pelvic floor but did notice that after a hearty chuckle or a bounce on the trampoline, I would notice some incontinence.  After some research I began looking into strengthening my pelvic floor muscles.  There are several choices on the internet.  I am so glad I started with Vibrance.  I wanted something easy to use that would fix my problem.

I didn’t know that finding the pelvic floor muscles would be difficult but after using Vibrance and the biofeedback put it all together.  The beeps kept me on track making the device extremely easy to keep track of the recommended “squeezes”  Changing sleeves increase the workout with your pelvic floor easily.

After using the trainer for 4 weeks I do notice a difference.  I look forward to a jump on the trampoline!  I didn’t know that this slight incontinence could be fixed so easily with Vibrance.

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