Danay Perez

Registered nurse

Faster pelvic health recovery and stronger muscle strength

I’m a Pelvic Floor nurse that truly cares for my patients as I can personally identified myself with them as a woman and a patient. I feel strongly about helping those who come to do Pelvic Therapy and is my goal as their nurse to help them achieve at least an 80% success after they finish.

I found out about Vibrance and wanted to see if it can truly make a difference and therefore used it myself. Vibrance is amazing and it has personally make a lot of difference in my personal life. I started suggesting it to my patients as an adjunct to pelvic Therapy and I been able to monitor their progress weekly while they use Vibrance. Their is a marked difference in results for those that use Vibrance versus those who don’t. Faster recovery, stronger muscle strength and endurance and less or no urinary accidents. 

I strongly recommend this unit to anyone. If you have any doubts then make it your goal to get one- use it and you will have no regrets.

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