Kelli Gosch

MSN, WHCNP, Womens Center

“I love recommending Vibrance to my patients…”

It has been an absolute pleasure to be introduced to the Bioinfinity Vibrance device as both a Women’s Health provider and a consumer. We offer pelvic floor rehabilitation in my office with biofeedback and I love recommending Vibrance to my patients, so that they can continue their exercises at home and have the security of knowing that they are still doing their exercises correctly.

Women who have delivered vaginally are especially prone to issues with their pelvic floor, and this is something I can speak to personally. I have had two vaginal deliveries both with babies that were over 9 pounds. I have done biofeedback sessions in my own practice and have used the Vibrance device at home. Most Women are doing these types of exercises incorrectly, and though biofeedback in an office setting can be very powerful for them, this device provides much of that feedback to know the correct muscles are utilized. The Vibrance device takes the worry out of trying to do your exercises at home, and gives a woman the confidence that she can take care of these pelvic floor issues in the privacy of her own home. I recommend it to all of my patients at any age, whether it be a younger woman who is having issues from childbirth, or menopausal woman having issues simply from the aging process.

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