Laura Martin

Vibrance user

” …it ensures that you are squeezing as strong as you can…”

I, personally have not experience any issues related to my pelvic floor muscle. But, after performing my pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation therapy, I wanted to make sure I had a biofeedback device that would tell me if I was doing my daily Kegel exercises correctly.

I thought I was doing my Kegel exercises by squeezing my pelvic floor muscle as strong as I could, but after performing my exercises with the assistance of the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer, I realized I was able to squeeze stronger and get to the max level 3 of resistance, which was difficult to get to, but now I know that my pelvic floor muscle is at it’s best stage as I did not know I had a weak one.

The vibration biofeedback helped engage my pelvic floor muscle and make sure I was squeeze when it was time to squeeze without relaxing because in the middle on the squeeze if I stopped squeezing I will stop feeling the vibration and this will forced me squeeze even stronger.

Vibrance is very easy to use and care. What I also like about it is that it counts the seconds for you, when is time to squeeze and relax. I use it everyday, day and night.

I did not have any symptoms before, but the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer helped me realize that I was not squeezing as much when performing my Kegel exercises. I will recommend the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer to others because it ensures that you are squeezing as strong as you can; hence, allowing you to have better results and a stronger and healthier pelvic floor muscle, which will help with the many pelvic floor dysfunctions symptoms and prevent them as well.

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