57 years old, 3 kids

Not only confidence, I gain my radiance and glow

After the third pregnancy, I realized I had stress related incontinence problems, meaning after coughing or after some physical activities, I do feel some urine has leaked out. This made me quite insecure and unconfident apart from the added inconvenience because I’m used to leading a very active lifestyle- I hike, mountain climb and I’m quite active socially.

Because of this, I sometimes have had to wear sanitary pads to prevent embarrassing situations, so I had been looking for a solution even before I found Vibrance. I wanted to carry on my lifestyle and continue doing the things that I enjoyed doing without worry.

After only using it for 2 or 3 times, I noticed there was a drastic reduction in urine leak and eventually it stopped entirely. Also, I began noticing my tummy getting flatter and a certain glow and radiance especially on my face. Even my friends began asking me whether I had gone for facial or done something and since I was using nothing but Vibrance , I knew it was only my pelvic floor exercises with the device which was working effectively.

I’m grateful for finding Vibrance as it’s something that works so well without any hassle. It’s so easy that I’ve incorporated it into my lifestyle. It’s boosted my confidence to where I have no problem doing the things that I like to do before.

Pregnancy really does affect the quality of your sexual life. But after using Vibrance, the ability to contract the pelvic muscle does improve greatly and you can regain intimacy the way it was before pregnancy. Even if the damage done to the pelvic floor may not be so obvious for some women, incontinence comes anyway just through aging.

Vibrance is the best way to regain your lifestyle comfortably and conveniently.

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