Samantha Hasbun-Jalil

Pelvic floor therapy nurse

Only one button away from experiencing the difference in your daily life

I am a 29 year old nurse from the South Florida area. I have a passion for my patients and their wellness.
However, I can sometimes be neglectful of my own healthcare particularly when life can be so busy. I was given
the opportunity to test Vibrance and I have to say it has made a world of difference when I didn’t even realize I
needed it.

I admit now, that even at my young age, I was experiencing some mild nocturia. With just a few routine uses of the
Vibrance device and changes in my daily hydration habits I have seen a significant difference. As a Pelvic Floor
Therapy nurse I am aware of what is supposed to happen mechanically when performing a kegel or a Pelvic Floor
Exercise, however, it is an entirely different circumstance to experience it yourself. I was half expecting not to
understand the device or see any kind of difference. I was wrong.

The Vibrance is packaged in a aesthetically pleasing way that includes its own travel case and instructional
pamphlet. It truly is a discrete and easy to use device that is appropriate for all women. I especially like that there are three resistance covers for the Vibrance to use as time progresses. This allows the user to 1) have a sense of accomplishment when she moved on to the next sleeve 2) a clear goal for her Pelvic Floor Therapy and 3) a
challenge to further pursue in her own healthcare. The device is not painful or uncomfortable and is easy to wash
and recharge.

The Vibrance has allowed me to understand my body better and identify the pelvic floor muscle. I have also come
to truly understand the best way to perform a kegel exercise with the assistance of the vibrating feature of the

I have already recommended this device to my patients, family and friends and will continue to do so. It can make
the difference in your daily life and its just one button away

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