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Welcome to the "Menopause & Your Pelvic" Webinar

Learn How to Keep Our Bladder Control, Intimacy Firmness, Internal Organs in Place & more from being PERMANENTLY LOST TO MENOPAUSE

Especially valuable for Women Above 40yrs old
and Women Around Menopause

21 Aug 2021 webinar completed

Feeling older than your age because of menopause?

Like ascending to parenthood, most of us are not sufficiently prepared when we enter our MENOPAUSE life stage.

In this Webinar, let me help you navigate and manage the aspects of menopause below that YOU CAN CONTROL!

POP Bulging feeling

Pressure, Bulging feeling down there

You may be having signs of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (organs falling out of the vagina). This is something you can prevent and reverse!

Sexual drive therapy malaysia

Losing Firmness, Getting More Painful

Dryness, feeling losing grip, feeling more pain during intercourse due to menopause is also common. Let's learn how to manage it!

toilet rush

Losing bladder control and started leaking

Urinary incontinence is common in women who are reaching menopause or after menopause. This is totally curable!

menopause back pain

Lower back pain

Pelvic instability due to weakened pelvic floor happening at the onset of menopause can cause long term back pain.

Remove 4 Pelvic Problems from Your Menopause

Join this webinar to learn what you can do to take back control from menopause, and how to live with Quality of Life and dignity by maintaining control over your bodily functions well after menopause!

Vijitha Sivanjanam

Women’s Health Physiotherapist
 Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre

Vijitha specialises in Women’s Health issues such as pelvic floor dysfunctions including urinary incontinence, sexual and intimacy dysfunctions, chronic backpain from pelvic instability, pregnancy related recovery and post-surgery rehabilitation for hysterectomy or prolapse surgeries. 

In this webinar, I will share knowledge from a Women's Health Physiotherapist's practice to teach you how to:

  • Manage menopause pelvic issues
  • Maintain in control of our bodily functions (urination, bowels, sexual) 
  • Enjoy FREEDOM of activity and maintain quality of life! 
  • Stop Pelvic Organ Prolapse (P.O.P) from happening (example: ‘jatuh rahim’)
  • Reverse menopause pelvic issues effectively

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21 Aug 2021 (Completed)

Win a FREE Menopause Pelvic Therapy when you join the webinar!

Avoid Life-Changing Menopause Pelvic Problems

As we approach menopause, there are few pelvic issues that can damage our Quality of Life if not prevented.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (or P.O.P) is one of the most alarming health condition among them.

It is when our inner organs like the Bladder, Uterus and Rectum are no longer in their original position.

They can fall outside of our body (via our vagina) due to our hormonal changes that weaken our pelvic floor, which usually becomes a surgical issue because of the health risks.

Fallen organs disrupts our bodily functions and our quality of lives more than we know it.

Confessions of a Pelvic Organ Prolapse patient:

(Patient A) Baseball working its way out of the vagina

Can you imagine a baseball is trying to work its way out of your vagina, towards your legs?

This is what Mrs. C has been experiencing since the age of 60 after going through 3 pregnancies previously and did not know she had weak pelvic muscles.

As Mrs. C would call it, having a “baseball butt” can make life difficult whether you’re standing up or sitting down and therefore, almost made it impossible for her to go anywhere without feeling completely demoralized and uncomfortable.

“I stopped going anywhere as the only comfortable position for me was just lying flat.”

“I couldn’t go scuba diving or even pick up my grandchildren because any time you pick up something, the pressure goes right to the pelvis.”

(Patient B) More Mental than Physical

“Living with a prolapse is 80% mental. It’s an acute psychological battle which is way more damaging than managing the actual physical prolapse.”

Most of the time, women who experience POP do not understand what is happening to their body and just use temporary coping methods to just “deal with it”. Which often leads to surgery.

Restoring our Sexual Health & Quality

Intimacy and the firmness can be maintained and even become better than before menopause when you learn what I want to share with you based on safe, clinically proven methods.

Save money on expensive aesthetic and consumption based solutions that are temporary in nature and lack scientific evidence!

Don't let our Normal Quality of Life become a Luxury

urinary incontinence pelvic organ prolapse

Menopause is usually associated with a variety of urinary, bowel and sexual symptoms which may significantly compromise the quality of life of women.

If we prepare our body just a little bit earlier before we enter into menopause, it can have significant money-savings and health benefits that are important to our overall wellness as we continue to age.

We should not wait for menopause to cause our day-to-day "normal" to become a "luxury"!

Liberate yourself from Menopause Pelvic Issues for good!

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Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre

Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre (VPCC) is a specialized pelvic healthcare centre with the purpose of providing women with comprehensive pelvic healthcare to overcome urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, chronic back pain, manage pelvic organ prolapse, and regain full pelvic floor function and health.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for assessment and treatment of pelvic health, bladder and pelvic floor performance, Women’s Health Physiotherapists with a specialization in pelvic floor muscle therapy give clients 1- to-1 guidance to overcome their specific pelvic health issues.

These issues include urine leakage, sexual health challenges, chronic back pain, management of pelvic organ prolapse, to self-esteem and social confidence.

With the combination of the latest technology in-centre, the clinically proven and award winning Vibrance Pelvic Trainer and the caring expertise of experienced, qualified physiotherapists, Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre has helped many women regain control and confidence in their life.