5 Tips to Healthy Sexual Life

When you have a strong pelvic floor, it lowers your risk for incontinence and strengthens your vagina grip as well.

5 Tips to Healthy Sexual Life

  1. Do Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegel Exercises)

When you have a strong pelvic floor, it lowers your risk for incontinence and strengthens your vagina grip as well. This will enhance your sexual experience with your partner, give you better orgasms and improve your sexual experience.


  1. Communicate with your partner

Communication is very important in any relationship. Many couples may find it difficult to talk about sex even after many years of marriage. This is because sex related topics has been a taboo in our society especially in Asian countries.  When sexual problems occur, some couples tend to avoid discussing it hoping that it will resolve itself or hoping that their partner will figure it out eventually. What we need to remember that we can’t read each other minds, so the best way to deal with any problems is to talk about it.

By talking to your partner, you will learn more about they like and dislike in bed, learn about any health issues that may have hinder each other performances, or any other issues that may arise. In all cases, you should feel free to try new things and you should feel respected. Don’t do something just to please your partner if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Be honest with each other’s expectations in bed and try to compromise to make it work for both of you.

  1. Don’t treat sex like a chore

Sex is something that we should keep it spontaneous. If it feels like a chore, the passion may die, and you won’t enjoy it as much as you could. More sex between couples doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness. So make time for it, but keep the spontaneity.

  1. Healthy lifestyles

Eating healthy, keeping fit, staying healthy, all of these will help in your sex life. When you feel good about your body, you will be more confident to enjoy your body and your partner’s body too. Eating healthy food will increase your stamina and sex drive. It can also prevent diseases associated with erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

  1. Get tested / Talk to you doctor

Regular health test are important to find infections and illnesses that may hinder your sex life. Talk to your doctor or gynae if there are some health issues that bothered you. Besides that, make sure to use contraception of your choice, like condoms or the pill, if you are not ready for pregnancy. As you may know, pregnancy is one of the main reasons for weak pelvic floor. You will need to take good care of your pelvic health during this time.


If you experience any pelvic health symptoms and want to improve your pelvic health for your relationship, contact our Pelvic Health Consultants.


Written by:
Andrea K
Sexologist at Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre



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