Urinary Frequency : How frequently should I go?

Daytime versus Night-time - Urinary Frequency Guide

How frequently should I go?


Ever wondered if your daily urinary frequency is normal? Have you suspected your visits are too frequent and too short in between? Is it affecting your daily activities?

Most of us tend not to notice it until our friends and family point it out or joke about us leaving the table more frequently than they do. Some women tend to tell themselves and others that they have a small bladder storage.

While it may be true, small bladder (anatomically) is in fact a rare thing. To really confirm that, we need to undergo some pelvic health scan or screening to check our maximum bladder volume.

So how do we know if our toilet visit is considered normal? Read on below to find out.

toilet visit frequent

Daytime: Visiting the toilet no more than 6-8 times

If you are experiencing the urge to empty your bladder frequently although the amount is small, it might be an indication that pelvic floor is weak. You are also likely to have frequent urinary tract infection (UTI) due to residual urine unable to exit our urethra.

night time urination

Night-time: Visiting the toilet more than 2 times


The healthy number of toilet visits we make is no more than 10 times in 24 hours. Anything above that frequency is considered NOT NORMAL and you may be at risk of pelvic dysfunction.

Additionally, you should not need to wake up in the middle of your sleep to pee. This is a condition called nocturia and it can severely affect our sleep and therefore quality of life.


If you are having some questions about your urinary frequency or toilet visit pattern, just drop us a call (+603-22012115) or  Consult our Pelvic Health Consultant for assistance.

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist will be able to provide you the assistance required.



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