What is my Pelvic Floor Muscle?

The pelvic floor muscle is located at the base of your pelvis and supports your pelvic organs, which are your bladder, uterus and bowel.

What is my Pelvic Floor Muscle?

The Pelvic Floor Muscle Supporting The Pelvic Organs and The Back

Your pelvic floor muscle wraps around the canals like a rubber band and controls the opening and shutting of the urethra, vagina canal and anus. When you contract your pelvic floor muscles, the sphincters tighten the openings of the vagina, anus and urethra. Relaxing the pelvic floor allows passage of urine and faeces.

During sexual intercourse, the tightness and sensation perceived by you and your partner is due to the grip of the pelvic floor around the vaginal canal.

On top of supporting your pelvic organs, your pelvic floor muscle also holds your back in place and relieves the back of the stress and strain from everyday activities like lifting and bending.

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