Healthy Pelvic Health leads to Better Sexual Life

A happy healthy relationship is something that everyone hopes to gain.

Healthy Pelvic Health leads to Better Sexual Life

A happy healthy relationship is something that everyone hopes to gain. Naturally, healthy relationships also include having a mutually satisfying sexual experience. There is a saying, “When the sex is good it is 20% of the relationship, when it is bad it is 80% of the problem.”

You might be wondering then, what do I do to achieve a healthy sexual life? The answer lies both in the body and the mind. Today, let us explore an often-overlooked factor that could have a huge impact on your sexual wellbeing: The pelvic floor.

The Pelvic Floor Muscle

What is pelvic floor muscle (PFM)? Why it is so important for our sexual life? PFM is a hammock that support our bladder, uterus, rectum, and our back bone. It also helps give our vagina its grip. Hence, stronger pelvic floor will give you the firmness and tightness that you want for your vagina. This will help you have better, more satisfying orgasms and have a better sexual experience overall.


The Important of Sex  

Why sex is important in a relationship? Sex and intimacy are important to enhance long-term relationships. In general, sex is good for your overall health. You can burn some calories, better sleep, stronger immune system, and the list goes on. According to sex therapist Sandor Gardos, “When things go well in bed, you feel more confident and powerful in other parts of your life”. That is why it is advisable to maintain healthy intimacy between your partner. Having problems in sex life may further increases the problems in your relationship. It is like a vicious cycle.

What happen if you have weak pelvic floor muscles? Weak PFM can affect your quality of life, physically and mentally. Have you ever experienced farts from your vagina or fear of urine leakage when you were having sex? If you have, this may be a sign that you have weak PFM. You may feel embarrass and fear whenever you think about having sex. This leads to avoiding of sex with your partner which may cause some tension in your relationship. When you have less sexual activity, it may lead to sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship.

However, fear not! Weak pelvic floor muscle can be solved with the helps of treatments and pelvic floor exercises. With a strong pelvic floor, you will get back that sexual satisfaction that you have been yearning for.

If you experience any of the symptoms and want to improve your pelvic health for your relationship, contact our Pelvic Health Consultants.

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Written by:
Andrea K
Sexologist at Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre



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